Hi, I am El Gabriel.

Mummy, Tooth Fairy, homework enforcer and continuous provider of snacks, there’s not many hats I don’t wear on the daily.  But in this space here...in my little sanctuary of pictures, between the hustle of motherhood and endless juggle you can call me photographer.

My journey to photography wasn’t a straightforward one, I actually spent the majority of my 20’s working in teeth! After over a decade of dental nursing and hitting the big 30 I couldn’t ignore the fact that my creative personality just wasn’t satisfied, it was time for a career change.

One first class honours degree from Staffordshire University later and here I am. My focus is creating bespoke and evocative images within the portrait and fashion genre. I aim to strike a balance of the unusual and elegant in feel, along with an element of drama and narrative. 

The scope of photography is endless and with that comes power and responsibility. Being bold and embracing creativity when telling someone’s story via the medium of pictures is important to me.

It's a big thing, putting your trust in someone you've just met. So many of us get self-conscious having our picture taken. I see it as my role to take my subject beyond that, to talk to them, try to understand a little more about them even in the short time I may be in their company. Communication, understanding, and empathy go a long way to freeing people of their anxieties and helping them to relax. There's no greater joy than seeing something ignite in a person and then capturing THE shot. 



“Fantastic photography with a little bit of a difference to stand out. Gabriel is great to work with, and quickly makes you feel comfortable and at ease.”